Socialists are creeeeepy!

It is really quite exhilarating- That feeling you get when a complete psycho, who has a table full of socialist and communist propoganda set up in a public library in the United States, comes up to you, a patriotic American, and commences lecturing you on how filing your taxes is a horrid thing to do, and how you are a so-and-so and a such-and-such for doing so.

It is wonderfully heartwarming when he exclaims that this country is terribly oppressive, and that there is no freedom, and that is why he has refused to pay his taxes since 1978, and you should too.

It is thrilling, when you can look at him, your red, white and blue blood boiling in your veins, and can actually smile at this vermin, knowing that you are doing the right thing. I say this for one main reason: It is at that moment that you realize just how unoppressive and free this country truly is. Here is a "pinko meathead" as Archie Bunker would call him, standing in a public place, a library where men, women, and children alike are reading what they choose, no less. People are utilizing the internet for learning, thinking and growing, as opposed to doing the things this man would surely do on the internet if he had the chance. Here he is shouting, at the top of his lungs, hatred toward our beloved country, while his Marxist leaflets are blowing gently in the air-conditioning. And yet, this country is so unoppressive, so free, that this lowlife isn't shot on sight for words that in many countries would be his death warrant.

God bless America!


Blogger eleKtrofly said...

well, don't let it taint your opinion of communists (although you seem to have your mind pretty firmly made up)
some of us are quite normal, friendly and even ::gasp:: patriotic!

4:03 PM  

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