Attacks on Alito

Senator Ted Kennedy wants to lead the charge on a filibuster, while John Kerry, who is in another country, launches long distance barbs at future Supreme Court Justice Alito. How mature. Needless to say, the Republicans that were involved in the confirmation of Ruth Bader Ginsberg and David Sutter didn't pull this kind of nonsense. We were all aware that those two Clinton appointees were all for abortion, but we did nothing like this. And yet, Kennedy and Kerry pose for holy pictures, as if they're only truly worried about "civil liberties". Over 80% of the country opposes the "civil liberties" they really mean. What's more, Alito has said that rather than legislate from the bench like others have done, he would judge cases that came before him based on the facts and the arguments, and not his own personal opinions. But that's not good enough. Hillary Clinton herself has shared a desire to join in on this filibuster, but don't forget that she'd like your vote for President in '08, considering how incredibly sensible and conservative she really is. These three yahoos would love to have you believe that they are better for America, but clearly they are only out to push their own unpopular liberal agendas. Keep that in mind when you hear these unwarranted attacks on Alito.


A truce?

So Osama bin Laden says he wants a truce, to rebuild Iraq. Right. This from the guy that ordered planes flown into the World Trade Center. Anyone else notice he threatened the U.S. in the same breath he called for a truce? No really, I can see a daisy in the nozzle of his M-16. Can't you see it now? Osama bin Laden getting together with Oliver Stone, Leo DiCaprio, and Sean Penn for a round of golf. They'll plop right down at the 13th tee and pick the daffodils. Perhaps they'll even have a Coke and a smile. Yeah. Dream on, Bruce Springsteen...

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