Rest In Peace

In Memory of Pope John Paul II, Terri Schiavo, Prince Rainier of Morocco, and Johnnie Cochran. You will all be missed. My condolences to their families and friends in this time. God bless you all.

The Vast Leftwing Conspiracy

A new book by Byron York of National Review is hitting the shelves, and I'd like to give you a teaser, paraphrased by yours truly:

Harry Reid, Richard Byrd, Ted Kennedy, Hillary Clinton and others were present for a recent rally/protest in Washington D.C., headed up by moveon.org, not to be confused with muteon.org.

Moveon.org, not to be confused with the more intelligent muteon.org, has teamed up with the likes of film director Michael "Miserable Failure" Moore, former Clinton Administration man Harold Ickes, liberal radio network Air America, kooky billionaire George Soros, the "Center for American Progress", Peter Lewis of Progressive Insurance, and the Hollywood left to attack President Bush.

Who is pulling who's strings in Washington? Find out in Byron York's new book "The Vast Leftwing Conspiracy", out now!

God vs. the World Part Three

-The Bible is being blamed for an unnamed judge overruling the deliberations and recommendations of a jury in a murder trial where the suspect was found guilty on all charges. They were overruled, he said, because someone may have opened a Bible during deliberations. I won't elaborate.

-A certain judge in Florida used what Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia has called "Personal Policy Preferences" to legally murder a certain woman who wasn't really terminally ill. This was not only against the family's wishes, but they also believe that it was against God's. Meanwhile, another woman in Georgia, who has simple heart problems and glaucoma was practically sentenced to death by her own granddaughter and a judge, who agreed that it was time for "Grandma to go home to Jesus". They tried to assist her on her way by starving her and denying her water for over a week. Thankfully, other authorities have intervened and Grandma not only didn't go home to Jesus, but is alive and well.

It's the End of the World As We Know It...

-A Berkeley, California high school may be changing its name. Thomas Jefferson High School may no longer be the name, because of recent hub-bub over his possible slave ownership. Yes, there's a news story for you.
-Adolf Hitler was blamed for school shootings recently. Funny, I thought he was dead.
-BK's new Enormous Omelet Sandwich is the latest outrage for certain liberal political groups. Next they'll be hating on hash browns.
-Another earthquake rocks Indonesia, this time it was an 8.7, although the Russian judge only gave it a 5.8.
-America's bee population has been cut in half in the last 6 months by what is being called by some "Bee Ebola".
-In a related story, Angola has issued a press release saying that 121 people have died of Ebola. They urge tourists to stay away for a week. I'll be staying away pretty much forever.

Michael Savage's Amnesty for Oil program

If the U.S. is going to give all of these illegal Mexican immigrants amnesty, we should get something in return. Mexico should give us millions of barrels of oil a year, to help America and real Americans get from under the Middle East's thumb.

Additions to the Lexicon

Blue Humor (n): Coined by a 640 AM WHLO commercial, comedy that is only funny to those in blue states, such as Howard Stern's mocking of "retards", invalids, and other handicapped people.
Bullhockery! (exc): Exclamation from Travelocity's Roaming Gnome, it expresses general disbelief in what one is saying.
But Monkey (n): Coined by Laura Ingraham, someone who says something civil and thoughtful, then shows their true colors by saying "but...", and saying something rather horrid.
Deankey (n): Coined by Laura Ingraham, a Howard Dean democrat.
Flatdoodle! (exc): Exclamation from Travelocity's Roaming Gnome, it expresses general disbelief in what one is saying.
MesSNBC (n): Presumably coined by Laura Ingraham, a self-explanatory description of cable news network MSNBC.
Stephie (n): Laura Ingraham's nickname for George Stephanopoulos.

Words of Wisdom from Senator Hillary Clinton

"One plus one equals a couple of ones." -Senator Hillary Clinton

Coincidentally, many of those who voted her into the Senate took notes on that, thinking there would be a quiz later.

This mathematic equation is brought to you by Random Freekness, and muteon.org.
Don't NO the facts. KNOW the facts.

John Bolton grilled on Capitol Hill

The man President Bush has nominated to be the U.S. Ambassador to the UN has been taking a lot of heat from Deomcrats like Boxer, Biden, Sarbains, and others for not supporting "international law", the "world court", and essentially, the New World Order. Joining them in their disgust is Kim Jung Il, a horrible dictator who doesn't like President Bush too much either.

This message is brought to you by Random Freekness and muteon.org.
Don't NO the facts. KNOW the facts.

Israeli citizens are being asked to disarm

If Israelis, with all of the trouble and terrorism they are having, are being asked by their own government to disarm, how long will it be before Americans are forced to do the same? Just a thought.